To fully enjoy your classic we understand that you need to feel comfortable and at home inside the cabin. Time can be hard on the luxurious interiors of old. Leathers dry out and crack... Wood trims dull and split... Here at PT Classics we offer a number rejuvenation and restoration options for your interior. Re- moisturisation of leathers along with repairs and colour matching. For wood finishes we repair where required, re-veneer facias, clear coat and then polished to a bright shiney gloss.

If your interior is looking a little tired and in need of some care and attention contact us to discuss your options.




Here at PT Classics our skilled team can offer many services for you and your classic. Preventative maintenance is the simplest way to keep your classic running in tip top condition. From regular oil and filter changes, to interior wood and leather treatments. We use a combination of traditional and modern techniques to keep your pride and joy running and looking its finest.

If your looking for professional workmanship at a price you can appreciate, and still maintain, the peace of mind that your pride and joy is in good hands, then look no further. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

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We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and nowhere else is this more important than inside an engine. Our mechanical system rebuilds are second to none in quality and finish. Whether its the engine, gearbox, braking system or something simpler its all finished to better than new condition and only using the best components available.

If you are having issues or hearing suspicious noises from your classic give us a call and let us put you back on the road with confidence.


The UK's biggest killer of classic cars need not put a wedge between you and your classic. The dreaded cause of MOT failure or possibly worse is not as big a problem as you think. Our skilled fabricators can manufacture parts no longer available for your classic, and keep your pride and joy, running strong and safe. With some post repair rust prevention, your classic will be race ready with an undetectable show worthy finish for long into the future.

If you have had any MOT issues, or your classic is suffering from some "Tin Worm" then contact us to safely get you up and running once more.